Rialto Reaches Interim Management Agreement

The Rialto Square Theater officially entered into an Interim Management Agreement with newly appointed VenuWorks at Wednesday night’s special board meeting. The temporary contract begins on September 1st and remains in effect until December 31st 2016.

VenuWorks President Steve Peters says this way the group can begin work as soon as possible while still working on a multi-year deal.

“By then we”ll have a full fledged multi-year agreement in place and we’ll move forward. This get’s us started and get’s us learning about the community and seeing what the scope of everything is that we have to do.”

Peters then went on to outline what the next four months at the Rialto will look like under Venuworks’ supervision.

“We’ll be gathering information, we’ll be going through a punch list that includes everything from transferring the liquor license to getting people enrolled in our insurance plans and on our payroll. Putting together a budget is part of that and while we’re doing that we’re also  going to be programming.”

Once the provisional agreement has run its course, a final contract between the Rialto Square Theater and VenuWorks will begin with the new year on January 1st 2017.


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