Crazy Ray

  • Monday-Friday 7:00pm-12:00am

Born: December 17th…I do expect gifts
Likes: Rock and Roll, Fishing, and coming up with excuses to be lazy
Dislikes: Onions, Drunk idiots
Fav Food: Hot Wings
Something Can’t Live Without: Hot Wings
What do I do on my day of rest: Eat Hot Wings…I really like Hot Wings
Kids: Yes, I can’t believe I am someone’s dad, let alone 4 peoples dad!
Fav Sport: Fishing
Fav TV Show: Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, Pop Up Video
Cubs or Sox: I bleed Blue!
Favorite Vacation Destination: KY Lake (that could sound dirty)
Facebook: crazyraywrxq
Twitter: crazyraywrxq

Other things to know about me: I am a simple man that likes to have a good time and have fun. I like haunted houses and vampires. I will watch Back to the Future or Silence of the Lambs whenever it is on. I Do have tattoos (not enough). How did I get the name Crazy Ray…It was given to me in college by my friends for several reasons that cannot be divulged due to sealed court documents and medical records.