• Monday-Friday 2:00pm-7:00pm

Originally from the city but growing up mostly in Addison. I’m not exactly a stranger to the Southlands! My parents and brothers lived in Frankfort for several years when I was younger. I once bought them a billy goat as a house warming gift. They didn’t seem to think it was as funny as I did!

I have many friends and cousins that live in the Southlands too. They’re very excited that I’ve finally made it back home where I belong!

I graduated from Columbia College in 2002 and hopped through several states entertaining the air waves, including Florida, Maryland, Ohio, BACK to Florida! And finally home to Chicago! I figured if I stalked Zander long enough, he’d hire me! And here I am!

I’ve VERY excited to be a part of an amazing station! And I’m ready to take it to the next level with you!

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