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  • Monday-Friday 5:00am-10:00am

Elwood was born and raised in the sweaty armpit of New Jersey. I know what your thinkin “Just another Jersey Shore Ass infecting our beautiful land!” But dont you worry! He is the complete opposite! Thank God! Elwood isnt even Italian! Elwood left New Jersey at 21 to travel this beautiful country playing Rock N Roll and to begin his radio adventure…

Elwood has been pushing the buttons and spinning the records of Rock N Roll for the past 9 years. His radio career started in New Jersey and brought him to New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, and NOW the beautiful Southland! After a long strange trip across the country (stopping at shows, strip clubs, and bars of course) he has arrived. Elwood is here to “BLAST ROCK N ROLL BACK INTO THE SOUTHLANDS MORNINGS!” He looks forward to cranking up the volume and making some eardrums bleed! Be listening every morning from 5 to 10 for all his antics, games, contest, prizes, and of course….. ROCK N ROLL!! “LETS GET MORNINGS ROCKIN! ITS THE WAY IT ALWAYS SHOULD BE!”


Birthday: April 20th…. 4:20 (haha and no hes not lying)
Dogs: 2 Golden Labs ADOPTED (Molly & Charlie)
Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Band: Eagles of Death Metal
Food: Anything Deep Fried
Beer: hmmmm Beer
Football: Sorry I bleed Green… J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS…..
Cubs or Sox: Yankees!!! Gimme a break
Poison: Any Whiskey!!
Hobbies: Music, Shows, Guitar, Tattoos, snowboarding, and simply throwing down
Status: Yes, somebody puts up with him….

Motto: “When life gives you lemons, paint that sh*t Gold!”