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100 Concertgoers Robbed of their Cell Phones

  • British police are searching for a group of thieves who last week managed to steal 100 cellphones from fans attending a While She Sleeps concert.
  • Amazingly, all of the phones were lifted without their owners knowing anything had happened; they all discovered they’d been robbed after the fact, police said. Concertgoer Conor Burke, whose iPhone 7 disappeared in the mass theft, said, “I didn’t feel anything and I couldn’t see it on the ground. I went to lost property, stood there for an hour talking to other people and there was just a constant flow of people coming out saying, ‘We’ve had our phones nicked.'”
  • Another victim said while he has no idea who perpetrated the crime, he can say with all confidence it wasn’t a While She Sleeps fan. He said, “Metal fans are a great community. No real fan would do something like this.”
  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve had stolen? Have you ever lost something at a concert?
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