Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday.  And a new survey found 54% of Americans wish we’d just do away with the whole time change thing altogether.


Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday.  Meaning we spring forward an hour, and get more daylight in the evening.  But we lose an hour of sleep.


So here’s a question:  What do you prefer?  When we spring forward, or when we fall back and get to sleep in the next day?


A new survey asked over 1,000 Americans.  And slightly more people prefer when we spring forward and get more daylight.


35% said it’s better . . . 28% prefer it when we fall back, because they get to sleep in . . . and everyone else either wasn’t sure, or didn’t have a preference.


The survey also found 54% of Americans wish we’d just eliminate the time change altogether.  So more than half of us are now on board with that idea.


When people were asked WHY we still do it, the five most common answers were . . .


To conserve energy . . . so farmers have more time to work . . . so people can make better use of their evening hours . . . because it’s too complicated to stop observing it . . . and for economic reasons.




(By the way, the idea that Daylight Saving Time helps farmers is just a myth.)