A 34 year old Joliet woman in recovery from heroin and spoke to the Scott Slocum show. Starr works at a treatment facility and reported a a 5th overdose on Jefferson this morning, thankfully that person was revived. Starr recounted how her life had become unmanageable before she got help. The final straw was when she was putting a needle in her arm with no regard for her children. She overdosed with her children in the car with her.

Starr says it’s not a drug problem but an emotional one as way to escape.

While law enforcement is alerting the public to the overdoses, Starr says its having the opposite affect on drug addicts, the seek where the overdose death was so they too can get that next big “high.”

This Saturday at Harmony Church in Joliet there will be an alcohol and drug awareness day with speakers and resources for recovery and those seeking recovery. It will be held this Saturday, September 28th from 1 to 6pm. Dr. Kathleen Burke, director of substance use initiatives in the office of the Will County Executive will be one of the speakers.