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Aerosmith Earns How Much To Play Shows?!?

  • Billboard’s current Boxscore reveals that rock music isn’t dead at all, at least financially.  Boxscore’s current track of concert revenue reveals that Aerosmith’s concert with Post Malone in Atlanta February 1st brought in over $3.5 million dollars.
  • Metallica’s sold-out show, with 16,215 people in attendance for their Salt Lake City show this past November grossed over $2 million.
  • Even Nine Inch Nails can bring the dollars, bringing in nearly $1 million for a sold-out Irving, Texas concert for less than 7500 concertgoers.
  • While only 12 rock concerts accounted for the recent top fifty highest grossing concerts, those 12 shows alone grossed over $21 million dollars.   The rock act with the highest ticket price?  Aerosmith’s show cost VIP attendants $954 per ticket.
  • What is the most money you have ever paid for a concert ticket?  Which band would you break the bank to see?

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