The Will County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of a Wilmington man for “child luring.”

Around 8:20 p.m. on Monday evening, deputies were called to Lakewood Drive in Wilmington, after the mother of a female juvenile and the neighbor’s juvenile daugher were riding bikes in family driveway, when a dark colored sedan parked along the road. When the mother went outside, she realized the neighbor’s daughter was standing near the driver’s side of the vehicle. As the woman got closer, the vehicle sped off, but not before the woman was able to memorize the license plate.

The girl told the woman the man had taken off his seatbelt, and had shown the girl sexually inappropriate photos on his phone.

Police ran the vehicle registration, and found the car at the home of 29-year old Nicholas M. Cox – of 609 South Water Street in Wilmington. After questioning Cox, they arrested him, and took him to the Adult Detention Facility. He appeared in Bond Court Tuesday, and received a 40-thousand dollar bond, of which, he must pay ten-percent.

Wilmington Police Department Press Release