An Illinois Appellate Court has upheld the 2016 conviction of Bradley Schlott for the attempted murder of his former girlfriend. Schlott was found guilty following a five-day jury trial and sentenced by Circuit Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak to 12 years in prison. Schlott brutally attacked his former girlfriend on the morning of March 12, 2009, while she was getting ready for work in the Joliet house they shared. Schlott, who believed the victim was having an affair, repeatedly punched her in the face, grabbed her by the hair, and threw her to the ground. With his knees on her chest, he began to choke her before producing a large hunting knife from behind his back. He used that knife to cut away chunks of her hair before he sliced her neck and the side of her left breast. The victim began to beg for her life and eventually convinced her attacker to call 911 by telling him she would say her injuries were the result of an accident. A physician testified for the prosecution during the trial that she would have died had she not been treated for her injuries.