Are Redheads Going Extinct?

This is obvious! I thought they were too but they’re ALL over this building! Like Gremlins! You can’t get them wet…. they multiply!   But what about when they die? Do they turn into vampires??????  HI DAN !  ~ Dawn
  • Here’s an internet rumor you can put to rest – no, redheads are not going extinct.
  • The rumor spread after reports that climate change would eventually wipe out the world’s red-haired population.  But while redheads make up less than 2 percent of the global population, the trait is much more common in regions like the UK and northern Europe, where scientists say red hair and fair skin are an adaptive trait in areas that get less sunlight.
  • Red hair is also a recessive gene, which means that it can suddenly re-appear after skipping a generation or two.  Either way, it sounds like gingers aren’t going anywhere for the time being.
  • What odd genetic traits do people in your family carry?


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