Authorities Sieze 21 Kilos Of Heroin In Will County

The Will County Sheriff’s Office has announced the seizure of over 21 kilos of heroin worth $2.1 million. Last Thursday, the Gang Suppression Unit came in contact with a suspicious vehicle near I-55 and the I-355 exit. Deputies spoke with the driver, 46-year-old Pedro Mirando, of 5949 N. Kenmore, Chicago, and 31-year-old Maria Delgado, of 1521 W. Foster of Chicago. While a check of Mirando’s history was being conducted, a narcotics dog did a search of the vehicle and positively indicated for drugs. Five kilos of heroin was located in the rear of the vehicle. During the course of the interviews, Delgado referenced having additional heroin at her home. She consented to allow deputies to search her Chicago residence where Gang Suppression deputies seized an additional 16 kilos of heroin. Mirando and Delgado were both charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance.



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