A local grocery store chain is reporting two cases of COVID-19. Berkot’s Super Foods in Orland Park and New Lenox locations are reporting at least one employee at each location has tested positive for coronavirus. A Facebook post by the grocery store chain states the store performed a deep clean overnight following CDC guidelines and recommendations. The employees are recovering at home. The full statement from the grocery below.

Facebook post below:
UPDATE 4/27/20:
Thank you for taking the time to read this important update.
Berkot’s continues working hard to serve our communities.

Due to the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, we continue to focus on keeping our stores safe, sanitary and well stocked. Please review the updates outlined below and thank you for your patience and patronage in these unique circumstances.

We want to make our customers aware that we received documentation of a positive COVID-19 test at our Orland Park and New Lenox locations. The employees notified us and removed themselves from the premises as soon as minor symptoms became evident. In addition to our daily cleaning/disinfecting routine, our teams performed a deep clean overnight following CDC guidelines and recommendations. This heightened cleaning routine was performed multiple times while awaiting test results from the employees in question. Once we received confirmation, all store employees were made aware of the circumstances and were re-instructed regarding symptoms and safety protocols. We?ve remained in contact with the employees in question and continue to monitor their recovery with guidance from their physicians and CDC protocols. They continue to recover at home and will return to work once fully recovered and meeting all health requirements.

Our top priority throughout this unprecedented pandemic has been the health and safety of our customers, employees and community. We have and continue to follow the recommendations of local, state and federal governmental agencies. We continue to take our responsibilities seriously as an essential business in communities that need our support. We continue to evolve and tackle new issues and the difficulties that present themselves on a daily basis.

Please read the following update on key health and safety measures taken and underway in all of our locations:

-Cleaning protocols have been and will continually be updated and increased. Stores are receiving new equipment, updated cleaning supplies and procedures weekly as recommendations and material availability evolve.
-We are focused on ALL areas of the store, especially high traffic, high touchpoint areas including carts, counters, checkout areas and backrooms.
– We?ve installed plexiglass barriers at our registers, social distancing decals on our floors, arrows for suggested one way aisle patterns and signage reminding of the importance of social distancing.
– We?ve instituted special hours for senior and immune compromised customers from 7-8am each day at all locations.
– Reviewed and continue to enforce social distancing measures with our employees
-We continue to monitor hourly customer counts to ensure square footage allows for plenty of social distancing space for employees and customers
-Changed store hours to accommodate additional cleaning measures cutting our daily hours at end of day to ensure plenty of time to complete ALL protocols.
– We are working to expand online grocery availability (shopberkots.com) to offer alternate ways for customers to secure needed groceries.
– We have made gloves and masks available to our staff. We?ve instituted a mask requirement in our delis and we continue to work to secure masks to comply with the Illinois governor?s mask mandate taking effect on Friday May 1, 2020. We are working to secure masks for ALL employees and as soon as they arrive, they will be distributed and required.
We continue to explore additional measures and possibilities to increase the safety of the public and our employees. We are being proactive and taking preventative measures whenever and wherever possible. We appreciate your support and understanding as we work together to stay safe and healthy in this unprecedented time.