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Black Sabbath Icon Says This is More Frightening Than Satan

  • Black Sabbath’s music has been accused of destroying the souls of young fans everywhere but bass player Geezer Butler says some of the heaviest influences on his music didn’t come from Satan exclusively, but rather the Catholic priests around him as a child.
  • Geezer told Metal Hammer that having a strict Catholic upbringing got him interested in the “other side.”  He heard so much about Satan in his school teachings that he said he “wanted to know all about that.”
  • But it wasn’t Satan that did the scaring. “Catholic priests used to scare me more than Satan!”, Butler said, adding “We used to get visits from these missionaries; they’d have these long robes and they scared the hell out of me.  They would say ‘the Devil’s gonna get ya!’ with their long robes blowing in the wind.  Used to scare the Hell out of me.  They looked like Batman.”
  • What’s something from your childhood that terrified you?
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