Joliet Township High School District 204 Board President and a Board Member both resigned this week. JTHS Board President, Jim Allison was first elected to the Board of Education in April of 2019. Allison resigned this week. Board member David Skorupa also resigned. He was elected to the Board in April of 2021 for a second term and previously served from 2015 to 2019 as Board Member and Vice President.

JTHS Superintendent Karla Guseman has confirmed the resignations to WJOL. In a statement to WJOL;

“This week Mr. Allison and Mr. Skorupa resigned from the Board of Education. Mr. Frank Edmon, JR. is now serving as president. The board is following policy to fill the vacancy and we will send communication to our families and community later this week on this process. We thank Mr. Allison and Mr. Skorupa for their time and service.” Furthermore, JTHS states, that “No reason for the resignations was provided in their formal resignation letters.”