UPDATE:  Andrew Freund and Joanna Cunningham taken into custody and charged in the murder of their 5 year old son A.J.

Sadly, but not shocking…. the body of 5 year old A.J. Freund has been found in a rural area, miles from his home, in an unincorporated area near Woodstock, according to a source that is close to the case.   The body was located on Gayle Drive, on some farmland, near the woods and a small stream.  People in the area state it is a very isolated area.

Earlier today the boy’s mother JoAnn Cunningham showed at at the police department with her Attorney.  A couple of hours later her Attorney left alone.  No comment was made to the Media.   Police then returned to the home and left with some items including a small mattress,a large tub, paper bags, and a shovel.

Multiple sources say that one of the parent’s confessed to the murder of A.J.

Police have scheduled a news conference for 1 p.m. today.