A special shout-out to local leaders from an ER doctor at St. Joe’s Hospital in Joliet. It’s been two and a half weeks since Dr. John Walsh alerted the public to an overload of COVID-19 patients from Stateville. Dr. John Walsh initially called his hospital a “war zone”, taking all the COVID-19 patients from Stateville Correctional Center, but after intervention from State Senator Pat McGuire, Rep. Larry Walsh and Rep. Natalie Manley, Dr. Walsh says the hospital is “busy but controlled.” Some COVID patients from Stateville were moved to other hospitals including one in Springfield.

Dr. Walsh cautioned the COVID-19 pandemic is a marathon and not a race. He noted that care at the prison must be improving. The national guard providing care and separating inmates who have tested positive for coronavirus.

While a lot of work still needs to be done, he hopes the end is in site. Illinois is starting to see a flattening of the curve. On Sunday there were fewer deaths reported than in the last 6 days.

Lockport Township Fire Protection District has put forth a plan to load-share COVID-19 patients from Stateville Correctional Center. The idea is to not overburden one hospital due to a mandate that requires EMS to transport patients to the closest hospital despite their capacity. The plan first needs approval by EMS directors of which there are at least 6 in Region 7 here in Will County. Illinois Department of Public Health will then give final approval once EMS directors come to agreement.