If you’re having trouble sleeping and your anxiety seems to be at an all-time high, you’re not alone, coronavirus anxiety is running rampant and causing many around the world to have insomnia.

According to doctors, if you already have insomnia the coronavirus pandemic can increase it even more because of the change in your daily routine whether from working at home or having the kids at home all day, every day.

To combat the anxiety and insomnia doctors recommend maintaining your regular sleep-wake schedule and be sure to get some type of exercise throughout the day.

Some quality time outside is also a plus. Just remember to keep your social distance.

New polls find that Americans agree with state and local stay-at-home orders across the U.S.

The Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll discovered around 80 percent of Americans agree with the measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

An Associated Press-NORC poll reports only 12 percent of people think the self-isolation orders are too much.

That same survey finds that the majority of Americans think it will not be safe to lift social distancing guidelines too quickly.

A positive side effect from the coronavirus pandemic has been plunging pollution levels across the planet.

CO2 emissions have decreased significantly, with a new report from Carbon Brief projecting that 2020 could see the largest yearly global decline ever.

According to researchers at IQAir, 7 of the 10 major cities they studied saw microscopic particulate matter levels drop substantially.

However, this period of cleaner air might only last a little while longer. IQAir believes air pollution will return once lockdown orders are lifted and economies start back up.