A stabbing in Plainfield Township has resulted in an attempted murder charge. It was on June 1st just around 8:00 p.m. that Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 23000 block of Fern Street in Plainfield Township regarding a female who had been stabbed. Upon arrival officers observed the alleged perpetrator, 24-year-old Ederaldo Frantz, sitting in the front yard of a residence with a Halloween mask on being detained by Plainfield Police who had also responded to the call. Frantz had blood on his arms and clothing and was taken into custody. He was transported to St. Joseph Medical Center for evaluation and later released to Sheriff’s deputies for questioning.

Ederaldo Frantz

According to reports, earlier in the evening, a 50-year-old female caretaker and Frantz had a verbal argument regarding Frantz’s inappropriate use of his cell phone where he had contacted a female. Frantz was aware of his instructions pertaining to contacting females on his phone. The caretaker took Frantz’s phone and returned to the living area of the home. A short time later Frantz began playing the Halloween theme song on his iPod, put a mask on, grabbed a kitchen knife, and entered the living area of the home where the caretaker was. Frantz then began to attack her and stabbed her several times before the caretaker was able to free herself and run out of the residence.

Once outside Frantz chased the caretaker and caught her. He again began stabbing her multiple times. The caretaker was able to run to a nearby residence where a couple spoke to her and began assisting her with medical aid until police and fire personnel arrived on the scene. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she was immediately taken into surgery. She suffered from over 30 stab wounds. The knife that was used in the assault had also broken off, with the blade remaining inside her chest wall. She is expected to recover.

Frantz was interviewed by detectives and transported to the Adult Detention Facility where he is being held on two counts of aggravated battery, two counts of aggravated domestic battery, and one count of attempted murder. His bond has been set for $500,000. The Fern Street residence is a residential home for developmentally disabled individuals and is managed through “Help at Home”.