Chicago Man Charged With Handing Out Cannabis Edibles To Trick-Or-Treaters
  • A suburban Chicago man has been charged with handing out candy to trick-or-treaters that may or may not have contained THC, police say.
  • South Chicago Heights resident Jacob Feilen on Tuesday was charged with five counts of child endangerment after parents complained he’d given their children marijuana gummy bears when they trick-or-treated at his house, says Police Chief Bill Joyce. However, Feilen claims he legally purchased marijuana gummy bears from a dispensary, removed them from their packaging and replaced them with real gummy bears, according to a police report. He did not offer a reason for making the switch.
  • Regardless of whether Feilen is telling the truth, Joyce says, the THC gummy bears’ packaging smelled like marijuana, warranting the charges. If tests reveal the candy Feilen gave to kids contained THC, the charges against him will likely be “elevated,” Joyce adds.
  • Did you come up with a safer alternative to trick-or-treating this Halloween?