A Joliet police officer is expected to file a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Joliet and Mayor Bob O’Dekirk. Our sister station, 1340 AM WJOL, has learned the law offices of Ekl, Williams & Provenzale will represent Joliet Police Sgt. Lindsay Heavener. The suit stems from an allegation by Mayor Bob O’Dekirk that Heavener was drunk while on duty on Sept 14 during Fiesta en la Calle.

Mayor O’Dekirk spoke with Joliet Police Chief Al Roachner about Heavener. About ten hours later Heavener escorted by Chief Roachner went to Silver Cross Hospital to be tested. The test showed no signs of alcohol or drugs in Sgt. Heavener’s system. Mayor O’Dekirk doesn’t have a problem with his own conduct.

President of the Supervisors Union Patrick Cardwell also called into WJOL,  claiming that Mayor O’Dekirk is trying to change the narrative by calling for another investigation. Cardwell says the mayor is “trying to make the Joliet Police department his political playground.”