Just wanted to share some pictures of the many cats we have rescued so far. And some of the ones we still need to catch!

These aren’t all of them but gives you an idea of what we’re up against!

We’re backed to a wall to rescue around 40 or more feral cats out of Downtown Joliet within weeks!  We’re working as fast as we can but we need donations and homes!

You can donate directly to Renko Animal Shelter just let them know it’s for the Joliet Cats  https://www.renkoanimalshelter.org/

Or you can donate at https://www.facebook.com/donate/287721612180698/

Please donate and share!

If you are looking for cats for your barn, shop, etc… they are free to approved homes! They will be fully vetted!

The friendly cats will be up for adoption through Renko Animal Shelter

To find out more go to Code Red Save The Strays Joliet on Facebook