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Corey Taylor On New Slipknot Stage Show

  • The rock and roll lifestyle certainly takes a toll on the body, as Corey Taylor reveals in a new interview.
  • Speaking about Slipknot’s new stage setup, the frontman admits, “It’s been challenging because of my knee surgery. But at the same time, every show has kind of gotten better and better. And the new setup is so cool that it makes you want to run around it.”
  • Noting all the features, Taylor told the Swedish host, “There’s crazy video screens going on, there’s treadmills, there’s fire — all kinds of crazy cool stuff going on. It makes me wanna run around and check it out, to be honest. Anything that encourages me to kind of go around and do more, I think, is really good.”
  • Taylor underwent double knee surgery last month, with the band on the road across Europe through July, before headlining North America.
  • Which bands have a great stage setup? Is a wild stage show important when seeing a band live?

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