Craft Beer Becomes A Victim Of Government Shutdown

Photo of cold beer glass on the bar table at the open-air cafe.
  • As the US government continues to be partially shut down, more and more are discovering how the budget funding impasse between the President and Congress is affecting their lives.
  • For lovers of craft beers, the shutdown means the Treasury Department, who regulates the manufacturers, can’t inspect the facilities, preventing the breweries from opening or expanding.
  • Blake Crawford, who owns NJ-based Alementary Brewing, told the New York Times that besides stopping his beer output, the problem is also spreading to his suppliers.
  • For many, turning off the taps means their ingredients are going stale, causing a financial burden on the breweries, the Times notes.
  • Has the shutdown started to affect your life? In which ways? How do you see it getting resolved?


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