The first-degree murder trial of Jeremy Boshears in the death of 24-year-old Katie Kearns saw the defense call for a mistrial and Boshears referencing Katie in the past tense.

The prosecution played video of the first police interview of Jeremy Boshears in November of 2017 when Katie Kearns was still missing and Boshears in the interview referenced Katie in the past tense. In video Boshears made the statement to detectives that Katie, “WAS a cool chick.” He then said, “She IS a cool chick.” In the interview Boshears says he saw Katie get into her Jeep and drive towards New Lenox after being together at the Outlaws clubhouse.

The defense attorney, Chuck Bretz called for a mistrial after the prosecutor played a portion of Boshear’s police interview that was not allowed as evidence. Will County Judge Dave Carlson is taking Bretz request under advisement.