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Denver Voters to Decide Whether Magic Mushrooms Should be Decriminalized

  • After kicking off a weed revolution by becoming the first U.S. state to legalize marijuana, Denver is aiming to set a new first in the recreational drug field — by decriminalizing magic mushrooms.
  • On Tuesday, Denver voters will decide whether to approve Initiated Ordinance 301, which would make it legal to possess hallucinogenic mushrooms “for personal use.” A number of mushroom varieties contain psilocybin, a Schedule 1 controlled substance that has hallucinogenic properties.
  • It should be noted that the ordinance doesn’t call for the legalization of mushrooms. If approved, it would “prohibit the city from spending resources to impose criminal penalties” on citizens who are caught with them.
  • Do you think going from marijuana to mushrooms is a bit of a jump? What good would legalizing magic mushrooms do?
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