First Image From Season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Released

  • As the midseason return for Fear The Walking Dead approaches, the first image for Season 9 of The Walking Dead has been released by AMC.
  • The image gives us a clue as to a time-jump in the show as horse-drawn carriages are a part of the picture. Does this mean that cars and other modern means of transportation have started falling apart?
  • The biggest character to appear in the photo is Michonne. Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) will reportedly be leaving the show at some point this season? Will he be killed off or will he simply leave the storyline behind? Could he return in later seasons?
  • Lauren Cohan is also expected to leave the show this season as she is only contracted to appear in 6 episodes. Are we about to see a dramatic shift in the show? Can it survive such upheaval? Will this be the final season for the show?


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