First It Was Toilet Paper, Now It’s Hair Color

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told TODAY Show on Friday that consumers have been panic buying over the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus.

Consumer buying patterns shifted from week to week with the first week of quarantine showing people buying cleaning products, soaps and sanitizer.

During the second week it was toilet paper, the third and fourth week consumers settled in, turning their focus to home cooked meals with spiral hams and baking yeast flying off the shelves.

The fifth week proved that Americans were in need of haircuts and hair coloring products. Hair clippers rose by 166 percent while hair color rose 23 percent.

The IRS sent out a tweet Saturday to let Americans know that the first wave of stimulus payments were deposited into taxpayers’ bank accounts who use direct deposit over the weekend.

If you haven’t received your refund yet, the IRS wants you to know that they’re issuing payments as fast as they can.

For updates or any questions you may have on the Economic Impact Payments please visit

After hearing the results of this new study, we might need to stand a lot further apart from each other than the currently recommended six feet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the coronavirus could remain suspended in the air as far as 13 feet from an infected patient.

Publishing the results Friday in the CDC journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, researchers taking samples in hospitals also found that COVID-19 could be carried that same distance, possibly through the shoes of ICU staff.

And here’s even more of a reminder to wash your hands: the highest concentrations of the virus were found on items that are touched often, including floors, doorknobs, bed rails, and trash cans.