Forest Preserve launches yearlong ‘Take It Outside’ campaign, app challenge

The Forest Preserve District of Will County wants you to “Take It Outside” in 2023.

This yearlong campaign is designed to entice you to get back to nature or discover it for the first time. The campaign also will educate participants about the many health benefits – mental and physical – of spending time outdoors.

The campaign features a challenge. To take part in the challenge, participants can download the free Goosechase app on their smartphones. After downloading the app, search for 6DW83B or The Take It Outside Challenge, and create a profile. For details on creating a profile and challenge rules, visit the Current Headlines section of the Forest Preserve’s website at

Challenge participants will receive points for completing missions and those missions will update weekly. There will be approximately 10 different challenges added per week including GPS-based activities. For instance, participants will be asked to take photos at specific spots, use the app to check in a trailheads and other preserve locations, hike to a pre-selected spot in a preserve or correctly answer trivia questions.

Each month, the Forest Preserve will randomly select individuals who completed any of the missions to receive prizes, which will be mailed. At the completion of the online challenge on Dec. 31, the top three point earners will get prizes in the form of MasterCard gift cards: $500 for first place, $250 for second place and $150 for third place.

“The app will be a fun, interactive component of this campaign that hopefully will encourage everyone to ‘take it outside’ and explore preserves or parts of preserves they may never have set foot in before,” said Chad Merda, the Forest Preserve’s digital communications manager. “With hundreds of missions throughout the year, there will be plenty of opportunities across the county for people to participate wherever they live.”

Funding for this campaign is provided by The Nature Foundation of Will County,