A former Joliet Central High School teacher has been charged with felony criminal sexual assault after allegedly having a a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student he taught at the school. Thomas Connelly was officially charged on Tuesday after an investigation by the Lemont Police Department. Connelly had previously been a science teacher at Joliet Central. Authorities have stated the Connelly and the 16-year-old would meet at Connelly’s previous residence which was located in Lemont. In a statement to parents and guardians of Joliet Township High School families, the district says that when they became aware of the allegations of misconduct and informed the Joliet Police and immediately placed Connelly on paid administrative leave while the police conducted an investigation. The investigation was eventually turned over from the Joliet Police Department to the Lemont Police Department. After receiving permission from authorities JTHS officials asked Connelly to talk to school district officials. Connelly refused and instead submitted a letter of resignation dated January 15th of 2019. The district subsequently filed an Educator Misconduct Report with the Illinois State Board of Education.