The wife of former Joliet City Manager Marty Shanahan has been hired as one of the city’s three deputy liquor commissioners. Gabriella Shanahan was hired by Mayor Bob O’Dekirk to fill one of the vacancies in the liquor commission. Shanahan is the wife of former Interim City Manager and Corporate Council Marty Shanahan who was fired by current Interim City Manager Steve Jones in May. Gabriella Shanahan will be replacing Jim Greenan in the position. Shanahan is also the first female to ever be hired in the position.

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk tells WJOL “Jim Greenan has been a great asset to the City and he will definitely be missed inside the Mayor’s office.   My office has maintained good relationships with our liquor license holders while also holding everyone accountable.  I think Gabriella Shanahan will be a great fit as she is well-known in the community and has the personality and professionalism to represent my office.  I am also pleased that, as far as I can tell, she is the first female to be employed in this position.  The Shanahan family has given a lot to our community and I was happy to extend the job offer to her.”