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Gene Simmons Admits he Only Tours ‘to Make More Money’

  • Some artists go on tour because they like the spontaneity of performing live. Others enjoy the interaction with their fans. But KISS bassist Gene Simmons makes no bones about his motivation for hitting the road: He’s in it for the money.
  • Simmons, who predicts the group’s “End of the Road” tour will gross $200 million, tells The Wall Street Journal he’s touring at the age of 69 “to make more money.” He adds, “We’re making bucket-loads, and I’m happy to say that. So I tour, and I work hard. We have a restaurant chain, and I have a cannabis company, and soft drinks — Moneybag Sodas — and there’s all kinds of stuff coming that people can’t wrap their heads around. You’re alive, you’re supposed to pump your heart, keep making more money.”
  • Do you think enough people are still interested in KISS for Simmons’ prediction to come true? Do you believe this will really be the band’s final tour?

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