Hey What’s Going on Its Elwood! My wife and I made the decision that our Family is the perfect size and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we decided to set up an appointment at Advanced Urology to speak with one of their board certified urologist about my options. At Advanced Urology they explained everything I needed to know at my consultation and scheduled me for my no scalpel vasectomy. The staff, state of the art facility , and board certified urologist proved why Advanced Urology are the best at what they do! I know at Advanced Urology I am in the best hands and know with their no scalpel procedure I will be back to my old self in just 3 days.

If You have decided your Family is the perfect size, check out Advanced Urology at one of their three locations including Joliet, Morris, or New Lenox. With Basketball action kicking off, this is the best time to schedule your appt and watch basketball action for 3 days under doctors orders. Here are a few things to check out and remember

Only Advanced Urology has Board Certified Urologist performing your procedure! And You get some pretty sweet Merch!

  • Sexual Function is NOT affected by vasectomy
  • Everything operates as it did previously…..everything
  • Advanced Urology has a no scalpel procedure
  • Consultation and procedure on the same day
  • Schedule your procedure and lay around and watch basketball for three days under doctors orders!
  • No need to travel to Joliet if you are out in the reaches of the Southland as Dr.’s Cho, Tek and Lewis are able to serve you at our convenient Morris facility.
  • Visit advuro.com and get scheduled at any facility today.