Ghost‘s Rite Here Rite Now concert film earned a global gross of more than $5 million over its premiere screenings held June 20-23.

In North America, Rite Here Rite Now earned about $2.65 million and was among the top 10 of the top-grossing movies at the weekend’s domestic box office.

According to a press release, Rite Here Rite Now‘s opening makes it the “highest-grossing hard rock cinema event ever in North America.” 

“Having wanted to make a movie for most of my life, I was overwhelmed to see the interest our fans showed in the film before it was even released,” frontman Tobias Forge says. “Now as people seem to have not only seen it, but also seem to dig it… That really gets my motor humming. Thank you all!”

Rite Here Rite Now combines footage from Ghost’s 2023 concerts in Los Angeles with a narrative continuing the group’s long-running mythology. Additional screenings are scheduled through Thursday in select territories.

The Rite Here Rite Now soundtrack will be released July 26.

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