A 28-year-old Crestwood man is charged with two counts of identity theft. New Lenox Police with the assistance from US Postal Inspectors arrested Alan Bell at his apartment. He was found with a credit card reader and a credit card embosser and guns.

Bell is suspected in numerous Identity Theft cases that were reported to the New Lenox Police Department over the past few months.

The NLPD received reports from several victims indicating their newly ordered credit cards had not arrived in the mail. The victims later learned that the cards had been activated and numerous fraudulent purchases were made. The cards were most frequently used to purchase gift cards and Apple products at various stores. Through the course of the extensive investigation, the NLPD identified Bell as one of the prime suspects. It was learned that Bell recruited others to steal the credit cards. Using the victims’ identities, Bell would then activate the cards and fraudulently make purchases.

Further charges are pending in Cook County regarding the firearms.