Is Disturbed Done With Their New Album?

Is Disturbed Done With Their New Album? We’re close to new music from Disturbed! According to a now-deleted Instagram post from frontman David Draiman, the band has finished its newest album. Draiman shared a photo of a whiteboard tracking the band’s progress, which included a tracklisting and a caption reading, “And that’s a wrap people.” While it seems Draiman deleted the post, you can find it under his and Disturbed’s “tagged” photos on Instagram.

The tracks listed on the whiteboard were: “Hey You” “Divisive” “Love To Hate” “Part Of Me” “Won’t Back Down” “Unstoppable” “Take Back Your Life” “Feeding The Fire” “Bad Man” “Don’t Tell Me” Do you think this is a real tracklisting for a Disturbed album? Do you think this could be a covers album? Why do you think David Draiman deleted his post?