It’s back to the drawing board for a new Joliet City Manager. Sources close to our sister station, 1340 AM WJOL , are reporting that after the City Council meeting on Tuesday night, the council reviewed the personality test results of two city manager applicants for two hours and decided to continue their search after debating the results. The only consensus on the City Council was to consider other candidates.

The Ad-Hoc committee search team had whittled down their search to three candidates for the City Manager position. A Joliet lawyer who recently took his name out of contention and two applicants from out of town. One from Rhode Island and the other from Wisconsin. Both have been cast aside. So the search continues.

Tempers flared during the regular council meeting on Tuesday night when Mayor Bob O’Dekirk objected to paying interim city manager Steve Jones $135.00 an hour for a maximum of 40 hours a week through GovTemps USA. Jones is retiring on February 29th and will receive a pension and get paid as a contract worker. O’Dekirk says, “It’s part of the reason why the pension system in Illinois is going bankrupt, because of double dippers.”

The Council voted 5-3 in favor of keeping Jones on an hourly basis while he continues to get a full pension. Meanwhile, the search for a new city manager continues.