City of Joliet staff have been working with their consultants on evaluating two Lake Michigan sources to supply the city with water. They are now ready to present their findings to the public before the City Council makes their decision in January 2021. The public now has the opportunity to participate in live virtual meetings and an online virtual event. There will be two live virtual meetings that will include the same presentation but allow the public alternate days and times to participate. The first event will be held on Wednesday, December 2nd at 1:00 PM and the second will be held on Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30 PM. Those wishing to participate in the live virtual meeting can do so by registering at

The online virtual event will run from Monday, November 30th until Monday, December 14th. This option gives everyone the opportunity to participate at their convenience. The event will be hosted on the program website at and will include a brief video, displays to view and a newsletter that can be downloaded to print.