An inmate at the Will County Adult Detention Facililty has been charged with soliciting murder for hire.

32 year old Jay A. Nink of Joliet has been held at the Will County ADF for nearly two years after being arrested by Joliet police for multiple felony gun charges and armed habitual criminal charges in July of 2017. On July 1st of this year, the Will County Sheriff’s Office was notified that Nink had approached another inmate in regards to “taking care of” a confidential informant who would be testifying against Nink in his upcoming case. Nink allegedly told the inmate that he would make it worth his while to have the confidential informant killed. The other inmate, working with detectives, convinced Nink that he had a relative who was a hit man and would carry out the murder for payment of guns and cash.

On Thursday, July 18th, Nink was served a warrant at the ADF. He appeared in bond court on Friday, July 19th and received a $10 million bond for the Class X felony charges.