Recreational marijuana becomes legal Jan. 1st 2020, the state of Illinois is still in the process of finalizing their plans on how to dole out the 500 licences.

Five of them were handed out this week, included one to 3 C, Compassionate Care Centers in Joliet.

Now it’s up to Joliet to decide whether or not the city will allow to sell within the city limits.

As WJOL reported earlier this month, Bolingbrook has opted out of selling and will not allow marijuana to be sold. Naperville will reportedly join Bolingbrook and not sell recreational marijuana.

WJOL asked Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk about which way Joliet will go, “The city council has not discussed it, but 3 C has been in the city for years and we’ve never had any issues. With the state of Illinois issuing a recreational use licence I would imagine the city council would approve it locally.”