The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has released their findings after an investigation into the officer involved shooting of Bruce Carter, Jr. by Joliet Police Detective Aaron Bandy on February 6th of this year. The fatal shooting occurred during an investigation by the Joliet Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations of a bank robbery that occurred at approximately 9:30am that day at the First Midwest Bank, 1415 West Jefferson Street. There was $1,173 taken during the robbery, of which $875 was recovered in Bruce Carter’s possession. The shooting occurred later in the day at 213 Des Plaines Street after police arrived at the residence in reference to the investigation. The State’s Attorney’s Office has stated that after reviewing all the facts related to the bank robbery and the subsequent shooting the evidence shows that Detective Bandy was clearly justified in the use of deadly force. 

Joliet Police Chief Roechner stated in a Press Release “No officer ever wants to be in a situation where he must use deadly force to save his life and those lives around him. I am extremely thankful that Det. Bandy, when forced to act, was able to act professionally, lawfully, and justifiably. As I stated from the beginning, it’s not good for anyone involved when reports are generated without the true facts. Today the facts have been released after a thorough and exhaustive investigation by the Major Crimes Task Force and a thorough review by the Will County States Attorney’s Office. Thank you States Attorney James Glasgow and your team for your integrity and impartial review. I also want to thank the public for their patience while the investigation and review could be completed.”

The following link will take you to the surveillance video of the robbery at the First Midwest Bank. Click Here.