The Joliet Public Library is hoping the public is on board with a major remodel of their Ottawa Street Branch. Mallory Hewlett says it’s important to modernize the building as it is the last working limestone building in downtown Joliet.

Project Burnham is the Joliet Public Library’s comprehensive plan to remodel the downtown Ottawa Street Branch. Named after the library’s original architect, Daniel Burnham, who designed the library and was built back in 1903.

Hewlett says the Joliet library has been saving for decades for this moment. The cost of the renovation is just over 10-million dollars, they saved 4-million and now they need Joliet City Council to approve a 6-million dollar bond.

The extra cost per homeowner would average out to less than a can of pop a month or about $7 a year.  Hewlett is hoping the public supports the project and investment into downtown Joliet.

The 6-million dollar bond would be paid back over 20 years and so far the city finance committee and city council have been receptive. The City of Joliet approves their budget on December 16th.