The Plainfield Fire Protection District will again participate in the holiday fire safety campaign “Keep the Wreath Red” to raise awareness of fire safety during the holiday season. All four fire stations have been decorated with a holiday wreath on the front of their station. The wreaths will be displayed from Thursday Dec. 1, 2022 until Monday Jan. 2, 2023. If there’s a fire caused by a holiday decoration a red light will be replaced with a white light. The goal is to keep the wreaths red throughout this holiday season.

The following are some easy safety tips that can be followed to help keep you and your family safe during the holiday season:

 Beware of lighted candles. Candles often get forgotten or knocked over by pets or children.
 Beware of space heaters. Space heaters need space. Do not put space heaters near curtains,
tablecloths, or other loose fabrics.
 Cover your fireplace with a screen. Tempered glass or a metal screen helps protect sparks from
leaving the fireplace.
 Have your chimneys and vents checked. Fireplaces produce creosote which can ignite.
 Have your furnace checked. Have it serviced and inspected yearly for proper operation.
 Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure the batteries are fresh if they have
 Keep natural Christmas trees watered; do not rely on chemical sprays to make your tree flame
 Do not overload extension cords.
 Unplug holiday lights before leaving home or sleeping

The Plainfield Fire Protection District wishes everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!