Post Date: 03/29/2021 9:45 AM

For Immediate Release

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office Offering Free Scent Collection Kits

Kendall County, IL (March 29, 2021, 10:40 AM)

The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has obtained scent collection kits from Scent Evidence K9™ to improve the response time in the event our K9 teams might be needed to conduct a track of a missing person.  These scent kits are used to provide effective, proven scent collection materials to help protect you or your loved one in the event we need to utilize one of our K9 teams to attempt to locate someone that may wonder or has gone missing by other means.

The scientifically-tested and experience-proven scent kits are utilized by families, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations around the world to save lives and help bring the missing back home. Scent Evidence K9 reports that your scent is like your fingerprint to trained K9 responders and can last up to 10 years if properly preserved. According to Scent Evidence K9 “The Scent Preservation Kit® is a great addition to your family safety plan and a smart way for adults and children to be prepared in case they go missing.”

These scent kits are quick and easy to use. In just a few quick steps you can collect, store, and have your scent ready for responders to find you or your missing loved one fast and bring them home safe. All instructions are included in Scent Kit packaging.

To receive your free Scent Evidence K9™ Scent Kit contact the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office at 630-553-7500 or come to the Public Safety Center records office.  Supplies are limited.