The Will County Sheriff’s Office, Investigation Unit, is continuing their search for two unknown male subjects who are believed to be responsible for the home invasion and death of 63 year-old, Francisco Aranda of the 26000 block of S. Klemme Road in Crete Township. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the home yesterday at 10:25am for a welfare check on Mr. Aranda and his wife after both did not show up for their respective jobs. Upon a search of the residence, deputies located the victims inside their 2003 Chevy Impala that was parked in the attached garage. Deputies were not able to see through the windows of the vehicle because of extreme condensation but when opening the door found the female victim inside with her hands tightly bound behind her back.

Mr. Aranda’s wife, who is 59 years old, stated that two masked male subjects entered their residence the previous evening in order to rob them. Aranda and his wife were both bound with their hands behind their backs and placed inside the trunk of the Impala. In an attempt to escape, Mr. Aranda began kicking at the back seat and was able to loosen one side allowing his wife to crawl through the opening. Aranda’s wife stated that she heard her husband breathing erratically before she passed out. It is believed that Mr. Aranda’s actions most likely saved his wife’s life.

Crete Township Fire transported Aranda’s wife to St. Margaret’s Hospital where she was treated for severe bruising to her hands from being tightly bound. She is expected to recover and be released sometime today.

Initial information indicates that the victims were specifically targeted by the offenders in order to rob them.

The Will County Coroner’s Office completed an autopsy today and found cause of death to be inconclusive, pending toxicology and lab reports. Mr. Aranda was found with no external indications of trauma to his body.

Will County Sheriff’s detectives have been vigorously working this investigation since they responded to the scene yesterday. They will continue following leads until the offenders of this horrendous crime are caught and prosecuted.

Anyone with information regarding this incident may call the Sheriff’s Investigations Unit at 815-727-8574.