Starting at 8:00 tonight, Friday, June 10th, left turns will be prohibited in all directions at the I-55/Weber Rd interchange until 5:00am Monday, June 20th. This is part of the long-term widening and reconstruction project along Weber Rd, which includes a conversion to a “diverging diamond” interchange.

The detour will be long. Reason being, IDOT can only divert traffic from state road to state road. If you’re on I-55 going northbound and want to access northbound Weber Road, you will be detoured to continue along I-55 to Lemont Road where you can turn around and head southbound on I-55 and take Weber Road (making a right turn-allowed) for northbound Weber Road. This detour allows for big trucks to stay off non-state roads.

You can NOT do these turns between Weber Road and I-55 between June 10 and June 20.
From SB I-55 exit to SB Weber Road (CAN from SB I-55 to NB Weber Road);
From SB Weber Road turning onto NB I-55 (CAN from SB Weber Road to SB I-55);
From NB I-55 exit to NB Weber Road (CAN from NB I-55 to SB Weber Road);
From NB Weber Road turning onto SB I-55 (CAN from NB Weber Road to NB Weber Road).

The full diamond interchange is expected to be completed toward the end of the summer.

Click below to open link to all the detours.

To see how the diverging diamond will look like click on the video below.