Loud music makes you eat bad food?!?!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEVER!

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A New Study Found Loud Music at Restaurants Makes Us Order Unhealthy Food


A new study found loud music makes us more likely to order unhealthy food when we’re dining out.  When researchers cranked the music in a restaurant, people were 20% more likely to order things like a burger and fries instead of a salad.


A new study in Sweden found loud music in restaurants makes us more likely to choose unhealthy menu options.  And we’re more likely to go with something healthy like a salad when the music ISN’T so loud.


Researchers went to a café and played music at different decibel levels to see how it affected what people ordered.  Either 55 decibels, which is like background chatter or the hum from a refrigerator . . . or 70 decibels, which is closer to a vacuum cleaner.


And when they cranked it to up 70, people were 20% more likely to order something unhealthy, like a burger and fries.


They did it over the course of several days and kept getting the same results.  So the study seems pretty legit.


The explanation is pretty simple.  Basically, soft music is calming, and louder music gets us amped up.  It even increases our heart rate.  And that can impact our decision-making.


(Sun Journal / Daily Mail)



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