Last month, 50-year-old Curtis Brooner of Oregon found himself trapped in a Burger King bathroom for well over an hour.

He reported the staff slid a fly swatter under the door to help him get out, which caused him to cut his hand but was mocked the entire time. When he got himself out, he was shaken.

According to Brooner, the manager of the store came over and said, “Anytime you come in here, it’s free meals on us.” That did happen, but only for about two weeks after being told to stop by the district office.

Brooner is now seeking the free meal deal to remain, or a settlement of $9,026.16 which equates to on average one Burger King Whopper Meal per day for 22 years, assuming he lives to 72.

Brooner says, “It’s an honor issue. They could have said, ‘The next meal is free,’ and that would have ended it. But that’s not the deal they made.”

Do you think this lawsuit warranted? Is there another deal that could be made instead?