Missing Crest Hill Woman Entered Into National Missing Person System

The Crest Hill Police have announced that a missing 50-year-old woman is now in the National Missing and Unidentified Person System. Wendy Gessing was last seen leaving Pizza by Marchellonis on the afternoon of June 12th. Before Wendy was reported missing to Police, her cell phone was found and turned over to an addiction recovery program. The addiction recovery program turned the phone over to her live-in boyfriend, who turned it over to police when he reported her missing.

Wendy’s Honda CRV was located in the 400 block of Buell Avenue on June 17th. The vehicle was towed to the Crest Hill Police Department where it was processed for evidence. Wendy’s wallet with credit cards along with a card key for Motel 6 was in the vehicle. Several panhandlers and tenants around Larkin Ave. and McDonough Street have indicated that they have seen Wendy. Confidential informants have told the Crest Hill Police Department that Wendy has been seen at several motels in the Joliet/Will County area. Wendy’s credit card and bank statements have not shown any activity since she went missing on June 12th. Evidence obtained from Wendy’s vehicle will be processed and analyzed by the Illinois State Police Crime lab.

The Crest Hill Police Department has enlisted the help of the Will County Sheriff’s Police and has been working with the Department of Homeland Security and the F.B.I. in this case.