Morris Family Loses Everything In Early Friday Morning Fire ~ Donations Needed

The family of Varsity football player Malachi Congo suffered a house fire in the early morning hours on Friday, October 14th. The family of 5,  and their 2 dogs, were able to escape safely, but left with nothing more than the clothing on their backs.   I’m told that Dad ran back in and saved the dogs during all the chaos!  What a hero!!!!

I was told that the fire was started by a faulty surge protector.

I talked with Brett Snyder, head Football Coach for the Morris Chiefs, who’s been advocating for help for the family.  Snyder said, “The Morris Chiefs are one big family, & have offered to help in any way possible!” #OnceAChiefAlwaysAChief  


Clothing sizes needed for the family members:
Boys: Ages 13 and 18: size large in shirts and medium in pants for both boys.. jeans: 34/36 and 29/32… shoe size: men’s 12 for both boys
Girl: Age 15: size large in shirts and medium in leggings.. jeans: 10 shoe size: women’s 8
Dogs 2: dogs beds, food, treats, toys, etc. 
Other items such as toiletries, gift cards, cash, etc. These donations can be dropped off at our home field (725 school st) this week!
The family also has set up a GoFundMe: